The Sunburst Convention and Showcase of Celebrity Impersonators has been covered by  tons of media including (but not limited to):

-JUST ABOUT FAMOUS/ Full Length Documentary Feature (NETFLIX)

-The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno

-FUSE TV with Amy Schumer

-The Rachel Ray Show

-The Daily Buzz

-The Convention Crasher/ Channel 4- United Kingdom




-Numerous National & Regional Publications

-Numerous Radio Programs

-Countless Website Stories

The Convention Crasher/ Chanel 4- United Kingdom

The Convention Crasher with Justin Lee Collins.  Broadcasted on Channel 4 In The United Kingdom.  The was a very funny show.

The Rachel Ray SHOW

Here's a video from The Rachel Ray Show

The Daily Buzz/ Celebrity Impersonators Gone Wild!

The Nationally Syndicated "THE DAILY BUZZ" came by a few times.  Here's one of those times!


Sunburst On CNN.  This clip ran every hour for 24 hours on CNN>

Andy Gets The Impression

Andy Campbell Gets The Impression/ The Daily Buzz

Just About Famous Trailer

This is the trailer for the Feature Documentary "JUST ABOUT FAMOUS".  It's an Award Winning Documentary about famous people....sort of.  Its focusing on several Sunburst Convention attendees with the convention as the background.  It was featured on NETFLIX for two years and is still on AMAZON for viewing.

BEtty Atchison as Cher

Betty Atchison as CHER sings "Vamp Style" about The Sunburst Convention.

Growing Bolder

Enjoy this Growing Bolder Episode from Bill Shafer..