First Timers

Also known as "Newbies"


The Sunburst Convention Of Celebrity Impersonators and Celebrity Look Alikes 


It will guide you through the first steps of Sunburst.

First of all, WELCOME!

This page should help answer questions for those Sunburst First Timers that we love to have so much. You will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere at The Sunburst Convention. Just ask around.

If you would like, we will assign you an "ambassador" so you will have an instant friend and someone who knows the ropes and will introduce you to people.  You don't have to hang around them the whole time, but it will give you someone to write and call before the convention, to help prepare you when you get here.

One of you first thoughts might be: "What if there is someone else there doing the same character as me?"
NOT TO WORRY!  This is not a competition.  We've had several double "doubles".  It's a good thing.   These other entertainers who portray the same person as you will probably become your best friend at Sunburst.  It's just a strange thing that happens.  Then, you can exchange information and even book one another when one of you can't do a job.  Not every impersonator is in every city and is available everyday.  Expand your others who understand your celebrity like you do!

You can also call us and we'll be more than happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.  Upon your registration, we will put you on our email list and send you updates.   (If you do not wish to have us send you text messages on your phone, please note that on your registration.)  We suggest joining our Sunburst Group Page on Facebook and apply the settings so that you get notifications on your phone.



Go to the Main Lobby of the convention area (1st floor) and check in with us between 3:00PM and 5:00PM in the TRADITIONS MEETING ROOM.  Go there to Check In, get your Program and Schedule, and meet the staff.

This year, our WELCOME PARTY will take place at our Host Hotel.  It will be in Legends 3, otherwise known as The Sunburst Lounge or Hospitality Room.  Please feel free to BYOB.  We'll have Games, Mixers, Contests, Door Prizes and music.  Get to know your fellow Sunburst Attendees!  Plus, we will want you to introduce yourself from the stage.  Costumes are optional!  Most dress casual, but we will have Media Coverage, so you might want to wear your costume! 


9:30AM- Go to Traditions Meeting Room. There is the Orientation for First Timers and Veterans about "How To Get Sunburst To Work For You". 

You will be introduced to everyone there and get lots of information about the entire convention. (No Costumes, please).  From there you will learn where to be and when, but below you'll see a basic breakdown.

We will answer questions about how everything works and any concerns or thoughts you have about the convention and/or the showcase.

-Some first timers may be intimidated by appearing on stage during our showcases. It is not a requirement and please ask any questions you have to any of us to make sure you are 100% comfortable with what is going on.

We are having a special showcase on Thursday Evening to showcase those JUST STARTING in the business.   You will get solid information on how to improve your act, get more bookings, improve your costume, and much more....if needed.  Some entertainers just starting out are GREAT and ready to go.  This is not specifically the showcase for FIRST TIME SUNBURST attendees who are ALSO veterans of the business, but you can still perform in it if you want to.  Many people just want as much stage time as possible.

You can also call us in advance and we are happy to answer any questions or concerns about being a "First Timer". We WELCOME first timers each year. You will be welcomed into our "family" and we will help navigate your way through a wonderful experience for you.

ANY of our "veteran" attendees will be MORE than happy to assist you.

What to bring?

-BUSINESS CARDS!  Make sure they are professional looking with your photo and contact information on them.

-Back up "Media Card/Thumb Drive" if you are using one in your showcase.  However, you will send in your music to

For THE Promo Table
-Framed Photo (8x10)

-Business Cards

-One sheets or maybe postcards (Optional)

-At least one "dressy" outfit for the Awards Banquet...or you can wear your costume!


Wednesday/ Check in at Traditions.  No Costume

Wednesday Night/ Kickoff Party Casual is the norm this night....but costumes are also appropriate.

Thursday/ 9:30AM- Orientation: Traditions Meeting Room/1st floor/ NO costumes, please.

Thursday Night/  7:30pm/ THURSDAY NIGHT SHOWCASE/ Costumes.  

Friday/ 1pm: Showcase/ Legends 1/ Costumes even if you are not performing this day is suggested.

Friday Night/ DANCE PARTY- Legends 3/Regular costumes, special costumes or whatever you want to wear.

Saturday/ 1pm: Showcase/ Legends 1/Costumes even if you are not performing this day.

Saturday Night/ 7:30PM: Banquet- Location: TBD/ Dressy or costume

Saturday Night/ Awards Show: 9:00PM/ Legends 1/ Dressy or costume

LATE Saturday Night: Party!/ Legends 3 (Sunburst Lounge) Whatever you want to wear.