What's This?

SUNBURST FOLLIES is NEW for 2019!  This is going to be a "showcase" of sorts for ONLY the registered attendees (buyers or artists) . It is not open to the public nor is it open to "Showcase Only" talent buyers....only registered agents, buyers, schools or artists.

This will take place on stage in our Sunburst Lounge on Friday, August 30.  It's purpose is many.  Any registered attendee is allowed to do any of the following:

-Use this as an additional free showcase for the other attendees

-Parody Song

-Comedy Sketch

-New Act Showcase


-To show off any other type of talent you may have.  You'll have up to 10 minutes.  But keep in mind, if you only have 4 minutes of material....just do that. 

You will need to sign up prior to the convention.

Sunburst Follies Sign Up