NEW FOR 2019

Has anyone ever told you that you look like someone famous?  Are you already an entertainer thinking of adding a "tribute" or impersonation to your repertoire?

Here's a great chance for you!  The Sunburst Convention is seeking 5 "Starz Of Tomorrow" to attend our convention for FREE!   Think of it as a scholarship in a way.

You will be able to attend almost everything we have to offer and get involved.  You can even dress in your costume if you want.  We do have certain rules or qualifications.

First and foremost, you cannot already be a professional Celebrity Impersonator, Look Alike or Tribute Artist.  If you have done it for friends, at parties or even at other conventions, that is ok.  As long as you have never been paid for it.

Simply fill out the form and tell us a little about yourself.  We'll take it from there.  

Here is what is included

-All Showcases (Entrance)

-All Parties & Social Events

-Cast Photo


-Name Badge

-Awards Show

Not included:

-A Showcase Performance

-Contact List

-Awards Dinner

- Promo Lounge Display