The Sunburst Convention​ & Showcase of Celebrity Impersonators

...is an annual event that takes place in beautiful Orlando, FL


The event takes place for professional and up and coming Professional Celebrity Impersonators, Look Alikes, Tribute Bands and Tribute Artists  to gather to network, socialize and perform in order to enhance their offerings as an entertainer. 

Talent Agents, buyers, fairs, festivals, 55+ Communities, tour companies, casinos, cruise lines, and Special Events planning companies  attend each year and enjoy our events and entertainers.  They are looking for quality entertainers for their roster of talent.

​We do invite and welcome spectators, (i.e. the general public) to attend.

It is the premier event of the year for Celebrity Tribute Artists, Impersonators, Tribute Bands, Look Alikes and Impressionists.



Each Sunburst Attendee is expected to follow a business code of ethics.  They shall show respect for themselves and others attending the convention.  If we find that any attendee and/or guest has intentions or alternative motives other than enjoying themselves as an impersonator (or vendor),  or hiring an impersonator for work, that attendee and/or guest will be asked to leave the event and will not be given a refund. 


Press, TV Shows, Documentaries, Radio, Newspapers, Magazine Articles or any form of media (foreign or domestic) must register  before any taping, filming, photography or recording.  Please contact our PR Firm (Passion PR) to register.  


Any disputes concerning refunds must be made in writing to: Greg M Thompson- The Sunburst Convention by email at greg@sunburstconvention.com.   Please allow up to 30 days for review of the situation and an answer in writing will follow.  There will be a 15% administration fee after August 1, 2019 for refunds.  No refunds will be issued after August 15, 2019.  However, we understand last minute situations may arise.  In that case, we will forward 50% of your registration for the following year.  This offer is only valid for the following year.


It is understood that by registering for The Sunburst Convention, all attendees agree to this code of ethics and refund policy.  It is also understood that by registering for The Sunburst Convention, all attendees agree to be filmed and/or photographed by approved media.


It is understood that by registering for The Sunburst Convention, all attendees will conduct themselves and represent the Celebrity Impersonation Industry in a good light.  Anyone disrupting the enjoyment of any other attendee in anyway will be asked to leave without refund.

Rates and schedule are subject to change.


  • The Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Tribute Artists is a production of The Vagabond Troupe.
  • The Vagabond Troupe is licensed by Orange County/ The State of Florida With Occupational License Number:2720-0963745 Under The Name: Gregory M Thompson
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured with The State of Florida.

-The Sunburst Convention is NOT a convention for Cos-players.  We do not allow audience members or guests of attendees to dress in any costumes unless they register as an entertainer.

-Anyone attempting to promote themselves without registering as an attendee will be asked to pay the full amount on the spot or be asked to leave.

-We do not allow costumed characters for (but not limited to) these genres: Cartoon ,  Sci-Fi, Comic Book, Super Hero, Horror, Obscure movie or TV characters, or Gaming.





Why should I Attend Sunburst?
This is a CONVENTION for YOU!  ARTISTS/ You can get booked directly by the attending agents, producers and other talent buyers.   More than likely, you will get more work from the other attendees.  There are a lot of attendees at Sunburst who don't know who you are.  Make sure they do! AGENTS, TALENT BUYERS, 55+ Communities, Colleges and Universities: Boost your roster of talent and have them available to your clients.  Plus, you will have a wonderful time while attending.

I am an entertainer, but not a Celebrity Impersonator nor a Look A Like. Can I still attend the convention?
Yes and no. You cannot showcase your talent, but you can attend the showcases as a spectator.   Please understand that the talent agents attending are ONLY accepting business cards and promo from registered attendees.  DJ's and other entertainers are welcomed, but this is a convention for Look A likes.  Other entertainers are not to promote themselves.  It would be the same if a Juggler showed up at a Magician's convention.  However, you can register as a vendor and promote yourself to the attending buyers.

I live outside of the United States.  Is it worth it for me to attend The Sunburst Conference?
Yes, and No.  If you are looking to have a great time, become a better performer, learn things you didn't know before and meet lots of great people, then YES.  By all means come.  However, almost all of our talent buyers come from the US and rarely (not never, but rarely) book entertainers from outside of the US.  So if you are coming from outside of the US with the sole purpose of getting bookings in the US, you may be disappointed. But if you are looking for a great time, marketing information and meeting great new friends, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

What is the purpose of The Sunburst Convention?
The purpose of this convention is three fold.  One:  To showcase your talent to agents, talent buyers and producers from all over the country.  Two: To have fun with many others in this rather unique industry. Three:  To meet others, learn a lot and network, network, network. / For buyers:  It's a GREAT place to see the talent you want to book in person and understand the reaction they get from others.

What is Tax Deductible?
Everything!  Your registration, your plane fare, your hotel stay, money you spend while you are here.....everything!  It's an investment in your career.   You probably spend lots of money to mail out your promotional material and hope the agents will call you.  Meet them in person and let them know who you are!

Do Entertainers REALLY get work from Sunburst?
YES, YES, YES!  Almost all of the professional entertainers who attend Sunburst get more than enough work  to pay for the cost of attending. (Attend this year's seminars to make sure you learn the tools for doing so.)  Ask for references from those who have attended in the past.  However, it is understandable that we cannot guarantee loads of  work for every attendee.   "You should not just showcase and leave."  You HAVE to MEET the talent buyers, hang around & get to know them personally.  Work the convention!  Ask for THEIR business card.  Drop a note later.  FOLLOW UP.  It's for the benefit of the entertainer AND the agents.  EVERYONE will benefit by attending.  New comers and pro's alike.  There is always something new to learn and someone new to meet.  Always.  PLUS...it's all tax deductible.

I am just getting started in the business.  Will I be allowed to showcase?
YES, if you register to showcase!!  BUT, if you are not ready, we have a "No Showcase" ticket. Those just starting out in the business will have a special HORIZON SHOWCASE.   COME ON IN!  You will learn a lot!  Agents are looking for experienced talent as well, but we want to see what you do.  Many Top Performers got their start at Sunburst.  Many entertainers who have been in the business for years come back year after year. 

Which is the best day to showcase?
It really does not matter which day you showcase.  One day is no better than the other.  Agents will be there all days.  During the Friday showcase, more agents/talent buyers attend.  On Saturday, more of the general public attends.

Can I just come and pass out my business cards without registering?
No.  Agents will ONLY accept cards or promo packs from those with credentials (i.e. Sunburst Name Badge). This is in reference to all of our events.  Any impersonator/look a like attempting to attend without registering will be approached and asked to register on site.

Does the Producer of Sunburst or his private company get any commission from me when I am booked as a result of attending?
NO.  This convention is for you.  It's the same as anything else you do to promote yourself.  The producer will even follow up with you after the convention to make sure you get the exposure you are paying for.  But, he takes NO COMMISSION for any bookings you get from the convention.  YOU get booked directly.

I've been getting enough work on my own.  I know the business very well.  Why should I attend?
If you would like more work and would like to get to know dozens of agents that you didn't know before,  a convention is the best place to be.  PLUS, it's more fun than you'll ever know.  AND, there are new agents and talent buyers every year who don't know who you are.  This is the perfect time to meet them in person.    AND, you'll meet other talent.....who always refer other talent.  Get known by those who don't know you!  Even if you consider yourself the very BEST at your celebrity impersonation, there are lots of attendees at this convention who don't know who you are.  Get to know them personally.

I understand Sunburst charges the general public for seeing my showcase.  Is this true?
Yes and no.  We do charge a nominal fee for the public to see your showcase.  There is a reason for this.  We spend a lot of time, energy and money to get the general public in to "fill the seats" so you are performing in front of a real audience.  Otherwise, you would be performing in front of other entertainers and agents only.  Generally, agents are concerned about business.  They are observing your professionalism and stage presence.  We want to show them how the "general public" reacts to you.  So we charge just enough to get some of our money back for getting them in there in the first place.  Now, for the "No" part.  Many of our audience members belong to "non-profit" organizations and we allow them to attend at no charge.  As a matter of fact, most of the "general public" do not pay at all.  We welcome all non-profit organizations to attend at no charge.

What exactly do my registration fees go toward?

  • -Creation of Events, planning, meetings with hotel staff and hours sending out invitations to as many agents/buyers as possible.
  • -Production: Sound, lights, operators, video monitors, stage manager, pipe and drape, convention room costs, video production, spotlight and operator, screens, clear-com rentals, and etc .
  • -Meals:  The only meal will be the awards banquet on Saturday night. 
  • -Promotion: Web site, flyers, faxing, press releases, long distance phone calls, mailings, etc., etc., etc.  This takes a LOT of time.
  • -Printing Costs: ie., name tags, info sheets, awards, pens, ink cartridges, flyers, faxing etc.
  • -Show scheduling and organizing.
  • -Outrageous time spent on the phone and replying to hundreds of emails.
  • -Salaries to some contracted staff.
  • -Web site server charges and numerous hours updating .
  • -Your showcase.
  • -Networking, networking, networking
  • -The opportunity to be seen by many important industry professionals.

This is one of the most fun and worthwhile times you will spend promoting your career.  It REALLY is more fun than you can imagine.